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We offer a wide range of orthopedic devices including Silicone Handles, Ratcheting and Coupling Systems, and Torque Limiting Devices.

OrthoLynx is an ISO 13485:2016 Certified Manufacturer.

Featured Products

Silicone Handles

Silicone Handles

Ratcheting, Coupling & Torque Systems

Ratcheting, Coupling and Torque Systems

Our Products

Bolt Cutter                                                   

Bone Cutter                                                 

Bone Mill Hand Tool                                  

Bone Mill Assembly w/Flex Clamp 

Bone Scraper                                               

Pin Cutter                                                     

Rod Cutter                                                    

Side Cutter                                                    

Other Cutting Instruments                         

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We offer high-quality, cost-effective solutions to all of your orthopedic instrument needs.

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