An intramedullary nail removal is often not without risks for various reasons.

In the explantation of the intramedullary nail it is necessary, when using the original instruments, to accurately represent the entrance of the nail. That means that all the bone and soft tissues, which interfere with the approach of the nail or the threads, have to be removed.

When screwing the threaded rod into the nail attachment, the instrument has to be brought exactly into the axis of the nail so that the thread “runs”. This is regularly more difficult because of the soft parts (e.g. on the proximal femur) or by the position of the patella on the tibia.

If the threaded rod is screwed obliquely into the nail, the nail removal in the extreme case can also completely fail. There are different sizes of allen keys used with for the locking bolts. The extractor here is suitable to quickly and safely grasp nail types with internal threads and guarantees trouble-free extraction.

The instrument consists of a percussive tube with a sliding hammer and a push rod, which is guided via a fine thread in the percussion tube. With the conical tip of the push rod, a protrusion tip selected according to the diameter of the nail receptacle is splayed in the manner of a dowel. The tension of the push rod is held in this case by a spring package in the rear part.

Due to the clamping range of the tip, 3 sizes are enough to fit all internal threads. It should be noted that the tip is selected with regard to its size with as small tolerances as possible for the fit into the bore of the nail. This achieves the maximum stable combination of extractor and nail. Attached to the instrument are a straight and a universal joint handle for a set of long hexagonal bits in steps of 0.5 mm, ascending from 2.5mm to 5.5mm. The bits are suitable to remove screws with corresponding allen shoulders. The surfaces of the bits at the tip are slightly con-verging, for easy removal. Advantages (combined):

• Fast and safety extraction of all Intramedular Nails only with one Set
• Easy positioning and tightening
• Significant reduction of intraoperative extraction time
• Functional and convenient storage in a specially designed and fully autoclavable  container system
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